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If you’re a Austin TX business whose products or services appeal to the 17 million tourists who visit Austin each year, you’re going to want to read this.  Or maybe your Austin business is geared more toward the 4 million or so who live here year round.  Then you’ll want to pay attention too.

Austin local SEO is the key to bringing business to you instead of to your competition.

Austin SEO is the solution for local businesses that want to stand out when it comes to people searching online for what they have to offer.  With tens of thousands of Austin TX businesses, there must be a way to make sure your prospective customers find you, and there is.

But if you’re not familiar with local search marketing, it’s not what you think.

Traditional advertising was how a business used to stand out compared to its competitors.  Not anymore.  Why?  97% of customers who look for local businesses search online.  Using local online marketing strategies is the best way for a Austin business to bring search traffic directly to their website and their door.

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Austin local SEO works – That’s why you should use it too:

iPhone_Google_Maps_greyYellow Pages?  What’s that?  No one uses the Yellow Pages any more.  When customers search for your product or service in Austin, they won’t be reaching for the Yellow Pages.  So what then?

Smart phone and cell phone searches are the way to be found. Austin tourists and residents use their cell phones and mobile devices when looking for businesses.  This makes local online marketing and SEO so important.  Austin local SEO will help your company show up high on a Google search so your customers find your listing first.

Do you wonder, if you and all the other businesses in town are using Austin SEO company and online marketing strategies, how will your business ends up on the top of the Google listings?

Here are some great tricks to use with local search marketing that will boost your position in a search on Google:

1 - Remember:  97% of people search for local Austin businesses online.  One way to come out on top is to use Google places.  If you use this tool, it only works well if you build a complete profile.  Building a complete profile will help you build relationships with your customers.  Local SEO success comes when you build a complete profile on Google places that will naturally attract more customers.

2 - Perhaps you heard that Google recently purchased the Zagat.  Zagat is widely known for its restaurant review and rating system.  Zagat has expanded from restaurants to local attractions, parks and other local business.  Their rating system will have a huge impact on your search engine rankings in the near future.

3 - Austin SEO is boosted when using keywords with Google Places.  It’s extremely important that you match your keywords with what your prospect is looking for.  If you are a certain type of business, be specific as possible.  This way the search engines as well as your prospects will know what type of business you are.

4 - The best way to boost Austin local SEO is to have citations for your business in as many places as possible.  Citations are places your business is mentioned on the Web.  This could include,, and similar sites.  For this to work, you must include the same information, and it must be spelled and abbreviated the exact same way everywhere the citations appear. Our Austin SEO Company and Online Marketing Service are specialists in getting our Austin business found high in search results.

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If your company name is listed on one site as Austin Surf & More, make sure you use the & instead of spelling out ‘and’ the exact same way in every other citation to maximize your results for local online marketing.

In Austin businesses with less competition, having many citations can really boost your rankings.  If your competition isn’t online, your company could come out on the top of a Google search.   For example, search engines will look for a particular kind of business like surfboard rental.  Maybe you’re the only surfboard rental shop with a website in your neighborhood of Austin, and you’ve created a number of citations across the web.  Chances are good that your company will show up towards the top of a Google search.

Local search marketing is the wave of tomorrow and today to get your business noticed by customers.  If you’re not using it, you might as well watch your business drift away. Our Austin SEO Company can help!



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